Business Development - Mandarin Speaking

About HungryPanda
Headquartered in London, the UK, HungryPanda is a specialist food delivery platform to providing authentic Chinese food and groceries to Chinese compatriots and students abroad since its establishment in 2017.

Our Value
HungryPanda’s vision is to become the global market leading platform that enables overseas Chinese business in the food industry and connects Chinese food to all consumers who enjoy it.

Our Mission
Connecting merchants to consumers via our state-of-the-art online platform and industry leading delivery service. Consolidating the end-to-end value chain of the overseas Chinese food industry to leverage efficiency and scale. Creating business opportunities via our far reaching business network and digital solution

Our People
Above all we are food lovers, curious to explore new opportunities, as passionate about creating value for every stakeholder in our ecosystem as we are about delivering our customers quality authentic oriental food. We are a young company, innovative and enthusiastic, creative and professional, supporting our team members to work efficiently rather than long hours. We value everyone’s opinion and encourage open-mindedness and sharing within the team. We work hard, play hard, and – of course – keep our workforce fed and happy!

Main Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Acquire merchants and assist them in achieving higher orders and GMV (Gross merchandise volume), Responsible for the Sales revenue and market share.
  • Arrange in-person meetings to negotiate contracts with potential merchants
  • Maintain existing relationships with cooperating merchants, coordinate and resolve issues with various stakeholders, continuously improve merchant satisfaction and merchant service quality, and ensure fluent business operations
  • Conduct regular merchant visits, apply for/replace merchant material for merchants.
  • Ensure the timely and successful delivery of our solutions according to customer needs and objectives
  • Maintain and constantly update backstage setting for each merchant in charge
  • Liaising with Marketing, and Delivery Operation to align strategies aimed at increasing Gross merchandise volume

Job requirement:

  • Must be fluent in Mandarin
  • Experience in business negotiation, sales and marketing management is preferred
  • Working experience in Internet companies is preferred
  • Strong time management and project management skills
  • High sensitivity on market trend, high sensitivity on data
  • Strong commercial acumen and a desire to work with restaurants, not afraid to be refused, have top-notch people skills
  • Excellent teamwork ability, cooperate with different teams to promote business cooperation, and be able to efficiently complete business negotiations independently






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· 根据市场情况做市场调研,竞品分析,不断探索有订单潜力,流量大的网红的中国及亚洲餐厅
· 独立与商家进行商务洽谈并达成合作,负责信息的收集和录入,产品的培训、上机和后台的操作
· 定期商家巡访,为商家申请和及时铺设/更换商家物料,了解商家的真正问题,根据商家的不同需求提出解决方案和建议,积极解决商户日常运营中遇到的问题和突发事件
· 根据商家需求和数据指标,通过跟市场部和配送部以及其他部门同事协作,促进商户交易额和负责店铺订单量的提升
· 管理并维护商户与平台的健康稳定的战略合作关系,优化商户体验,达成双方合作共赢

· 优秀的团队合作能力,与不同团队配合推进商务合作,并能够高效自主完成商务谈判
· 市场敏感度高,数字敏感度高,拓展能力强,具有较强的陌生拜访及挖掘客户能力
· 有商务谈判类、销售和市场管理工作经验者优先
· 时间管理和规划能力强

工作地点:哥伦布,匹兹堡 等地区