Craiglist and Facebook上买车的时候,提醒大家小心骗子

在Craiglist and Facebook找车的时候,最近发生多起骗子事件。提醒大家,美国的骗子也很多。他们套路如下,希望大家不要上当。

  1. 很好的价格
    Craiglist and Facebook 发布信息,远低于市场的价格吸引眼球
  2. 联系的时候,大部分情况没有人接,然后收到一条短信,类似如下:
    Hey , I’ve posting this car on C.L 2007 Toyota 4Runner $1200 for my sister ,if you can give me your email here,I will ask her to send full info.Thanks
  3. 收到一封常常的邮件,说自己离婚,想赶紧低价处理车…如果你遇到,请忽视,不要回复邮件如下:

Hello, the 2007 Toyota 4Runner auto with a gasoline engine is still available. It is in good condition, no scratches, no damages, never been involved in any accidents. It has an automatic transmission and only 143k miles. Never had or needed any paint/bodywork done, garaged keep always, without any mechanical problems. The tires and wheels are in great shape as well, and the electric is working perfectly. The fwd engine is 4.0 l v6 runs very well and the automatic transmission shifts perfectly. It has a clean and clear title in my name and there are no liens or loans on it.

I know the price of $1000 is a little below the market price! I’m selling the sedan for $1000 because I’ve just finished the divorce and I’m so glad I took it because it will help me pay my daughter’s college bill who is now a student at the Clovis Community College. Anyway, I don’t wish to bore you with my life’s story. If you are interested in buying my SUV, feel free to email me.

I also attached more pictures.
Best regards,
Amanda J. Howard