Acronym for Graphics Interchange Format

If you are a user of instant messaging or social networks, you surely use GIFs to illustrate and animate your remarks. As a digital professional, you certainly include them on your site or in your newsletter. literally “image exchange format”, the GIF is a digital image format halfway between an image and a short video that brings the written message to life! There are many banks of GIFs, but did you know that it is quite possible to create your own? To help you, here are the best tools to create a GIF online! Create GIF Online Summary What is the Best Tool to Create GIF Online.

EzGIF ezGIF No suspense: ezGIF is quite simply one of the best online solutions for creating quality and original GIFs, which will convey maximum emotions to your audience! A reference site for creating or modifying GIFs. Rating given. " The best of the best " Hoverbike, user since . Key whatsapp mobile number list Features Convert all or part of a video to GIF using the Video to GIF tool. Cropping, compressing, changing playback speed. Added text and filters. Ability to blur or pixelate part of the image. Downloading files saved on your device, in GIF, JPG, PNG, APNG, HEIC, MNG format GIF speed control. “Crossfade images” option for smooth transitions between images. Benefits No watermark.

Easy-to-learn features. Disadvantages Less ergonomic than other solutions, for example. Prices ezGIF is a free solution. For such qualitative results, we strongly advise you to discover this tool! . Wave. video Wave. video Wave. video is a real online recording studio, acclaimed by more than million creators, according to the site. The platform thus offers live broadcasting, an editing tool and even a video hosting solution. GIF creation is one of the services offered by the site. The best solution for digital pros! Rating given.